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Thumb Home Inspection LLC

Thumb Home Inspection LLC

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and I am the owner and operator of Thumb Home Inspection. Every home inspection is done by me personally. I have worked in the trades since I was twelve years old. I am here for all my customers whether you have a 100 sq ft home or a 10,000 sq ft home.  Thumb Home Inspection is a home inspection company that specializes in home inspections. We are NOT a commercial company that does home inspections on the side. Included in every inspection I use state of the art infrared thermal cameras, moisture meters, check for mold, and much more. I will preform the most thorough inspection I possibly can from top to bottom. I back this with a guarantee of buying your home back. I look forward to meeting and inspecting for you and your family. 

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Categories: Home Maintenance

Business Website: https://www.thumbhomeinspection.com

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