Calling all innovators, side-hustlers, creators, entrepreneurs, and curious minds!Please join us at Chase Bank in Corktown for a special networking event that celebrates our mission to impact youth through mentorship and scholarships. E4K partner, GiveMerit, will highlight their FATE program at the event sharing their important work and how it is helping high school students achieve their goals and shape their futures. LeAuna, a graduate of the FATE program, will join us and share how her experience led to her career at Chase Bank.

Special thanks to Hassan Hijazi, operation team manager for Chase Bank’s First Virtual Banking Center in Detroit, and Kuhu Saha, co-founder and executive director at GiveMerit who will share more about their organizations and how they are working together to encourage bright futures for youth of Detroit.

What is Entrepreneurs 4 Kids?

E4K was created by entrepreneurs who want to open the doors of their businesses and inspire local youth to be the heroes of their own stories. By joining E4K, you gain instant access to a community of innovative people who can help you grow your business while also mentoring youth to provide the skills needed to navigate life with an entrepreneurial mindset.

This event is co-hosted by The Children’s Foundation and Chase Bank – Corktown