Lecture: Black Bottom | I-375 with Ken Colman and John Gallagher, 2 pm, Sunday, March 10, Alger House on The War Memorial campus.

2 pm, Sunday, March 10, with Ken Colman of Michigan Advance and John Gallagher, a Detroit Free Press contributor

This is a case study. The Federal government is starting a grant program designed to reconnect communities affected by highway projects in the 1950s and ’60s when:

  • the Lodge plowed through Corktown
  • I-96 devastated parts of Northwest Detroit
  • I-375 wiped out historic Black Bottom.

In this lecture, journalists Ken Colman and John Gallagher will focus on Black Bottom/I-375.

Colman will remind us of the vibrancy of Black Bottom when it was a cultural hub. Then he and  Gallagher will take a close look at MDOT’s current plans for I-375 and question if it is the right solution.