Lecture Detroit Modern; 2 pm on Sunday, April 7, Alger House on The War Memorial campus.

Detroit Modern, 1935 – 1985

2 pm on Sunday, April 7, the Alger House on The War Memorial campus

For this lecture, art historian and recognized expert on Mid-Century Modern Deborah Kawsky will interview Peter Forguson on his book Detroit Modern: 1935 – 1985. 

In his book, Forguson reminds us that metropolitan Detroit is a stunning showcase of mid-century modern houses. Endowed with old growth trees, rolling topography and miles of lakefront, the Detroit area inspired talented architects and their progressive clients to create uniquely beautiful residences that were seamlessly integrated with lush natural surroundings. Detroit landscape designer and contractor Peter Forguson has shaped and maintained the grounds of many of these structures, and the comprehensive list he has compiled of the best examples is now a breathtaking book, Detroit Modern:1935-1985.