Learn the secrets of gardening with native plants in our comprehensive Native Plant Talk! This enriching program is a unique learning opportunity, guiding participants through every aspect of cultivating vibrant and sustainable gardens with indigenous flora.

Delve into site preparation, gaining insights on assessing and optimizing your gardening space. Explore the art of plant selection tailored to your region and garden conditions, ensuring thriving landscapes. Unleash your creativity in garden design, learning to craft visually appealing and cohesive plant arrangements. The workshop transitions seamlessly into plant installation, covering spacing, arranging, and nurturing plants during their establishment. Equip yourself with post-planting maintenance skills, mastering the art of year-round plant care.

With captivating visuals showcasing diverse native plants and gardens, this talk is a must for anyone eager to create and sustain beautiful, eco-friendly native plant gardens. Elevate your gardening journey with knowledge and skills that foster a harmonious connection with nature.

Be sure to check out our Native Plant Sale happening on June 1!

Friend of Ford House/Member Adult: $10
Public Adults: $12

Website: https://www.fordhouse.org/events/native-plant-talk/