Do you actually need a website, even if you’re just a local business? Absolutely!

As a business owner in 2020, you can no longer ignore the impact of digital marketing on consumers and customers. While local businesses may still find success in traditional marketing and advertising tactics in their community, everyone is utilizing online tactics in their daily lives.

During this Virtual Learn At Lunch, you will learn:

– Why websites are so vital to business owners

– How to get started with your website

– How to optimize your online presence for years to come

About the presenter:

Rachele Wright Wilson, owner of Wright Outcomes, is a Digital Marketing Specialist for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs. Her goal is to help you create an uncomplicated digital marketing process that gets rid of all the intimidation, confusion, and stress around promoting your products and services. Rachele has supported business owners across the globe for over 10 years by fine-tuning a custom approach around social media, email marketing, websites, and customer relationship management platforms.