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The Platinum Chef

The Platinum Chef

Rhoda St. Luce is the Founder and CEO of The Platinum Chef. Rhoda is a Chef & Clinical Nutritionist who integrates her culinary experiences, a lifelong passion for great food and her Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition to offer a personalized, science-based approach to nutrition therapy for her clients, patients, & the community promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

As a clinical nutritionist, Rhoda’s goal is to focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of medical conditions and commodities by helping patients move towards optimal health. Rhoda brings the best of both worlds as a chef and nutritionist. Rhoda can help you achieve real lasting change guiding you towards wellness with practical advice, recommendation, and hands-on-tuition. 

The Platinum Chef has several services to help you on your journey. Whether it’s her personal chef services, personalized nutritional coaching/consulting, or signing up for her bi-weekly cooking classes/demos, seminars and more. 

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